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Hotel Consultancy

Hotel Consultants In India

Guptasons has created its niche in the Hotel segment. Being a hotel consultant and hospitality real estate advisor in India, currently, we are working with over 40 brands both National and International ranging from 2-star – 5-star hotels, resorts, boutique hotels, eco-tourism, rural tourism, adventure, and experiential projects on Pan India basis. Herein, we represent both sides of the coin:-Owner /Developers – Many clients seek assistance and advice on What to build, Where to build, How to build, How much to invest, With Whom to associate, etc… Guptasons offer various services to Hotel Owners and Developers such as Hotel Brand Tie-up, Hotel project, and Site Feasibility, Hotel Lease, optimum brand search, selection of business model, negotiations, facilitating the legal documents with an emphasis on the key components of the agreement. Our scope doesn’t end here; we support our clients during the pre-opening time and initial teething problems. Hotel Chains – Guptasons specialize in business development and serves as an extension arm for the Hotel Chains sourcing projects all across suiting their requirement and expansion plans. We also assist in the Sale of Hotels & Resorts and help companies in building up their tourism circuits and short-listing of destinations.

Hotel Consultancy Services We Offer

Hotel Consultancy Services for Owners and Developers

Our expert hotel consultants in India provide the necessary guidance to owners as well as developers. Our consultants help them to make crucial decisions for their business. At Guptasons Property Consultant, our aim is to help you make wise choices and navigate the complexities of the industry. Thus, ensuring the success of your hotel project.

Hotel Brand Tie-up and Site Feasibility

Our consultants completely understand the importance of aligning your vision with the right hotel brand and location. That is why, our team conducts thorough site feasibility analysis. Based on the analysis they enable brand tie-ups that support your project’s goals. Our team of experts is always ready to help you so that you can maximize the potential of your property and attract the target market.

Effective Business Models and Negotiations

For the long-term success of your hotel choosing the right business model is important. That is where our hotel consultancy services help you. Our consultancy team guide you to select the optimum business model and also assist you throughout negotiations. We make sure that you have favourable agreements with partners and stakeholders and get maximized returns.

Seamless Legal Documentation and Support

Guptasons Property Consultant helps you to overcome the challenge of navigating the legal aspects. Our team facilitates the legal documentation process, emphasizing key components of agreements and contracts. We provide comprehensive support to ensure smooth transactions. Thus, you can focus on your core business operations without any stress.

Pre-Opening Assistance and Teething Problem Solutions

Opening a hotel is a difficult and demanding process. Our pre-opening assistance can help you overcome any initial challenges and ensure a successful launch. Our hotel consultants have the expertise and experience to help you address all aspects of pre-opening. They will help you to build a strong foundation for your hotel’s future success.

Business Development for Hotel Chains

We have a dynamic team of hospitality management consultants that will help you to grow your hotel chain. Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience in business development and can help you find projects that match your expansion plans and requirements. In addition, our network and industry knowledge allows us to identify opportunities that are a good fit for your brand and will enhance your portfolio.

Sourcing Projects and Expansion Plans

We actively assist hotel chains in sourcing projects. We have a proven track record of sourcing projects that align with our client’s growth strategies. With our expertise and extensive network we identify potential properties and opportunities that suit your target market. We will enable you to plan and successfully grow your hotel chain.

Sale of Hotels and Resorts

Selling a hotel can be a difficult task. But our team of hospitality consultants in India can help you navigate the process and maximize your returns. We have a deep understanding of the hotel market in India and we work hard to ensure that you get the best possible price for your hotel or resort. Also, we ensure that the transaction is completed smoothly. Our goal is to make the sale process as easy and stress-free for you as possible.

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